Speaking Programs

Embracing the Change

Even though you might be afraid to do something new, it is important to carry through with that action. When Aaron started applying this mentality to his journey he started to see doors open up and started blazing a path that was not visible before. It is crucial and important to continually step outside your comfort zone and embrace your fears and change.

Aaron in his academic career made a big transfer from a small private college to a larger business school bringing in new excitement and new challenges. Nonetheless Aaron preserved. Aaron embraced the change and transitioned from his home state of Massachusetts and drove to California.

On the other side of change, is the very thing you truly want. Aaron helps your students step out of their comfort zones to engage in new students activities, run for student council, and to apply or create the career of their dreams.

Your students will learn how to Embrace this new transition and learn the strength in embracing the change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a once a quarter bucket list of a change they want to initiate in their lives while they are on campus
  • Start using contrary action and doing the very thing they are afraid of doing
  • Love Letters: This is where students write to themselves how much they love themselves, and how much they will not let the fear of change stop them. Students keep what they love about themselves and rip up the fears.

How to become an Uplifter

It can be difficult to stay uplifted in college. With classes, activities, graduation, to stay encouraged can be a challenge. Aaron was discouraged in school at times because he did not yet know his purpose or why he was there in the first place. After being uplifted by his classmates, Aaron started on a course to uplift others and the people around him.

This program highlights the importance of a healthy mindset and building self esteem that supports the individual. This course inspires and uplift students to know that this year is going to be a positive life changing experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to build a positive healthy mindset and positive self esteem
  • How to build a supportive community on campus through uplifting each other and accountability
  • How to stay motivated in times when you feel the exact opposite

Race & Identity

In this motivational keynote, Aaron talks about what it means to embrace one’s culture. Coming to terms with who you are, and your true value. Knowing the history of your background and being open to learn the cultures of others.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to delve into your roots, and water the roots of everyone around you
  • How to embrace other people’s cultural beliefs that are different from your own
  • How to identify a strategy to address a diversity concern they may face