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The 3 Steps into becoming the Ultimate Leader of Your Life Keynote or Assembly

As a teenager it can be hard to really discover who you are and what you want to accomplish in life. Trying to figure out what your true purpose is or how to make an impact in this world can be tough and frustrating at times with no specific guidance or instruction.

In this interactive motivational keynote or assembly Aaron will inspire your students to make a difference in their school, organization, or community. He will share the 3 Steps to Becoming the Ultimate Leader of Your Life in a fun and memorable way. Your students will walk away with a new view of what they can do as student leaders and how they can work together to make their schools, organizations, and communities a better place!


  • Aaron is a dynamic and energetic speaker who within minutes had our students hooked on his positive message and thought-provoking questions. He spoke to the students about believing in themselves and challenges them all to visualize their great qualities

    Janet Doyle
    Director of Student Support, Resiliency Preparatory School
  • Students were actively engaged in discussions surrounding the importance of having self-confidence and self-assurance to achieve one’s dreams. The speech also gave the students the opportunity to see that their peers have similar emotions regarding self-awareness. Students can be inspired by Aaron’s journey to his own self-confidence.

    Desiree Singleton
    Program Assistant at Gateway to College Program, Massasoit Community College
  • Aaron helped our students see that everyone is a leader in one or more areas of their lives. It is up to them on how they respond to that call of leadership. Making small conscious choices of leadership, combined with a healthy dose of self worth is a great start. Thank you, Aaron.

    Michael Owens
    Supervisor of the Summer of Work and Learning Program, Brockton High School

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Aaron Kendall Wilson is America’s leading motivational speaker, actor, and professional recording artist. He uses interactive stories, skits, and demonstrations to relay a powerful message to youth. His unique approach will affirm your students and give them the confidence to live out their potential inside of school and in life.

As a young student Aaron struggled with insecurity and low confidence throughout school. Through the help of great mentors and a commitment to succeed he was able to overcome his challenges and went from being a kid that could barely speaking in front of an audience of “one” to being a successful college graduate, actor, professional recording artist and business owner.

The content is essential and the delivery is unforgettable. Aaron has a special ability to engage youth through his personal story and his fun energetic demeanor. Your students will walk away from this experience with a changed view of themselves and the world around them. Aaron’s ability to connect with youth is a rare gift that you don’t want your audience to miss.


In a basketball game, the Point Guard is a leader and a supporter. At times you might feel like the underdog, but someone is always watching and depending on you. After many encounters in my journey of being a speaker and a coach I realized in those moments that I was a Point Guard.

For the first time in my life I chose myself. In the book: The Point Guard you will learn how to unleash your dreams to also become a point guard to others and your community!

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