Uplifting college students to discovering the leader within and kick-starting their college career.

College Programs

Discovering the Leader Within You

In this interactive motivational keynote or assembly, Aaron will inspire your students to truly start to value who they are and achieve their true potential. He will share the 3 Steps to help students become Uplifted. Your students will walk away from this experience uplifted with a growth mindset and new perspective to begin to optimize their skills and talents to achieve.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • The 4 steps into becoming the leader YOU want to be and reach your goals
  • How to encourage and impact your campus and your community around you
  • The importance of having a powerful self-image, power of positive thinking, and the confidence to truly believe in yourself
Embracing the Change

Even though you might be afraid to do something new, it is important to carry through with that action. When Aaron started applying this mentality to his journey he started to see doors open up and started blazing a path that was not visible before. It is crucial and important to continually step outside your comfort zone and embrace your fears and change.

Aaron in his academic career made a big transfer from a small private college to a larger business school bringing in new excitement and new challenges. Nonetheless, Aaron persevered. Aaron embraced the change and transitioned from his home state of Massachusetts and drove to California.

On the other side of change, is the very thing you truly want. Aaron helps your students step out of their comfort zones to engage in new student activities, run for a leadership position, and to apply or create the career of their dreams.

Your students will learn how to Embrace this new transition and learn the strength in embracing the change.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • Create a once a quarter bucket list of a change they want to initiate in their lives while they are on campus
  • Start using contrary action and doing the very thing they are afraid of doing
  • Reflect on what makes them unique and how to prevent fear of change from stopping them from achieving success.
Jumping All In-Kick Start Your College Career

As a freshman, there are a bunch of emotions. Excitement, confusion, readiness, and exploration. Aaron shares stories and commonalities about what first-year students in college go through. Jumping All In – Kicking Starting your College Career, gives students actionable strategies to an engaging keynote, so students can not only be successful in college but beyond as well. Let’s face it college is a whole new experience and sometimes we do not know what to expect, and that’s OK.

With Jumping All in, Aaron gives the key formula to making your first year at college a successful, fun, and explorational one. Students will learn and see exactly what they need to do to make their first year at college, the year they will never forget!

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will:

  • Learn the common pitfalls in college and ways to avoid them
  • Learn that they are not alone in feeling loneliness and self-doubt
  • Overcome the fear of fear and rejection