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The 3 Steps to activate your purposeKeynote or Assembly

As a teenager it can be difficult to really discover who you are and what you want to accomplish in life. Trying to figure out what your true purpose is or how to make an impact in this world can be tough and frustrating at times with no specific guidance or instruction.

In this interactive motivational keynote or assembly Aaron will partner with you and inspire your students to make a difference in their lives. His content is essential and his delivery is unforgettable. He will share the 3 Steps to Activate your Purpose, in a fun and memorable way. Your students will walk away from this experience with a new view of what they can do as student leaders and how they can work together to make their schools, organizations, and communities a better place!

Aaron engages his audience by telling interactive stories, presenting transformative skits, and demonstrations to relay powerful messages to the youth. His unique approach will affirm your students and give them the confidence to live out their potential inside of school and outside in life. His ability to get the youth involved and bring humor to situations brings excitement to his presentation.

Say it with me You are Powerful, You are a Leader and most importantly, you have a PASSION & PURPOSE lets figure it out! -Aaron

Learning Objectives:

In this Keynote students will learn how to:

-Create powerful affirmations to equip them for success
-Replace negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones
-Start to begin to discover their purpose and how to take tangible steps for moving forward